July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue

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The Art and Craft Exhibition

The Art and Craft Exhibition drew crowds of visitors as always and for good reasons. The quality of work, especially in the department of craft merited a visit to the Art Room. Batik, the most popular craft, dominated the Art Room with the most outstanding piece being the life-size batik of 'The Good Shepherd' (acopy of the stained-glass window in the chapel). Gods and goddessess in striking head-dress was another popular theme.
Leatherwork showed further progress, the work ranging from shoe-kits and shaving-kits air bags of varying sizes.
This year, interest in 'thermacol' seemed to have fizzled out and with the exception of A.K. Pall's 'Silhouette' there was nothing to show. Candlemaking and paper flowers added a touch of prettiness; the paper flowers with their 'sooji' and 'haldi' centres, looked very natural.
Of the sketches, M. Parashar's pencil sketch of Amitabh Bachchan and some other on tribals were excellent. Rajiv Agarwal's still life. J. Negi and S. Bisht's water-colour landscapes, A.K. Tyagi's woodland scene and the mural of the Naini lake (joint effort of T.S. Chail and A.K. Singh, were much appreciated.

S Tiwari

The Fete

It was one of those brilliantly blue-and -gold cloudless days which we are favoured with in the first week of June. The boys had gone down even before beakfast to help set up stalls. At 10 o'clock, their faces flushed with anticipation, the boys cheered and clapped heartily at the opening of fete by Mrs. Fuste.

A bee-line was made for Mrs. Lall's mango-shake stall and soon the air was rent with theblaring sound of pop-music interspersed with an occasional bang as sharpshooters tried their luck at the shooting-stall. Mr. Pande and Mr. Bisht were also doing brisk business at the hoopla stall cashing in on the eagerness of small boys with big ideas.

The record stall was doing well, too, with big sums being knocked up in the auctioning of records, especially 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Grease'. The food stalls selling kababs, bun-omelettes and 'cholabatura' filled a substantial part of a starving child (no lunch that day) and this was topped up by a cold drink, supplies of which were soon exhausted.

There was not a very large crowd what with none of the local schools attending and very few parents to help towards a deserving cause. (Mention must be made here of the Nanda/Anand families who turned up en bloc and in the bargain walked off with half the prizes:) Thus, the profits for the fete were largely the result of generous spending by the boys. Our thanks go to Mother Dominica of Sr. Mary's Convent who contributed Rs. 200/ towards the Fund for the servant's welfare which was what the fete was all about.
Despite drawbacks, the fete should be held every year, if for no other reason, apart from its very laudable purpose, than to give pleasure to the boys.

SK Rao

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