Armed Forces

Public Service (IAS/IFS etc.)
  • A.N. Kidwai
    Former Governor of Bihar

  • Justice Ravi Dhawan 
    Chief Justice of the Patna High Court

  • Padam Shree Virendra Dayal 
    UN Diplomat assisting the Secretary

  • Salman Haider IFS Retd., 
    Former Foreign Secretary and High Commissioner to UK 

  • F.C. Badhwar, OBE 
    Recipient of the Padma Vibhushan and the first Indian Chairman of the Indian Railway Board

  • Inderjit Khanna IAS, 
    Chief Secretary of Rajasthan


Theatre/Cinema/Fine Arts



  • Sir Kul Rattan Chadha *
    CEO Mexx International

  • George MacFarlaine *
    Entrepreneur & Master Gunsmith



  • Professor. Andrew Garrod
    Head Deptt. Of Education, Dartmouth College, USA

  • Professor Gyanendra Pandey 
    Head Deptt. Of Anthropology, Johns Hopkin University, Baltimore, MD, USA


  • Ravi Dayal
    Well known editor-publisher and former head of Oxford University Press

* Recipient of the Old Sherwoodians' Millennium Award for Outstanding
   Achievement conferred during the Reunion on 14.10.2000.

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