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Dalip Tahil

I wonder how many Sherwoodians having a fine time in the canteen, that most densely-populated and popular part of this Estate, stop to look at the foundation-stone outside? And I wonder how many are aware that a major contribution was Dalip Tahil's?

Dalip is another of Sherwood's gifts to the world of the theatre and the cinema. Bombay will long remember him for his brilliant performance as Che Guevara in the play "Evita" where, together with Sharon Prabhakar, an ex-All Saints' girl, he gave a benefit performance for Sherwood College. The money earned was used for the Sherwood College canteen and tuck-shop that have already given so many hours of pleasure to so many children. 

Dalip was College Captain in 1969 and like Marcus March and Amitabh Bachchan, gave early indications of his talent. In the play "Macbeth" where he took the title role, there is a dramatic description fo the dagger scene where, according to an account, "one could almost enter the tortured mind and feel the agony of his conscience. The play depended on Macbeth and, in many ways, the applause belonged to him after the performance.

As John Smith in the play "Facing the Music", he played the debonair gallant with much dash for which deserves great credit. 

His dramatic talent stood him in good stead in elocution in which he won several prizes including first place in his final year. His artistic temperament is reflected in his love for music and his occasional foray into the world of poetry.

He earned merit in the Trinity College Music Practical examination. 

On the games field, he played cricket for the school, but it was in the swimming he shone, especially in the 100 and 50 yards freestyle. In his final year (1969), Dalip Tahil captained the school. 

Dalip may not have made the splash Amitabh did in the world of cinema; His medium is the theatre. Despite that he is a well-known name in the world of cinema for character roles, which he plays with great flair and conviction. Dalip won the Kendal Cup for dramatics in 1969.

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