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Kabir Bedi

Another actor who is a household name in this country is the dashing and debonair Kabir Bedi whose talent won recognition even in far - off Italy when he starred as a swashbuckling adventurer in the film 'Sandokan' and, more recently as the suave yet gentle, Prince Omar in 'The Bold and the Beautiful'! 

Like Amitabh, he established himself as an actor of merit even while at school. In his role as Mark Antony in the play 'Julius Caesar' in 1961 his performance has been described as 'one marked by sincerity and nobility' and like Amitabh he won the Kendal Cup for dramatics for his portrayal of Mark Antony. 

He also made forays in to the world of writing and for his pains and obvious linguistic abilities, he won an English prize in class 10 and also first prize for his essay 'Religion is the opium of the people.' Earlier he was commended for his essay 'South Africa and the Commonwealth.' We find that he was a guest writer in a literary effort, a magazine which seems to have met a speedy end, as no other evidence of its existence can be found. 

Kabir proved to be a good debater and in 1961 he was the assistant secretary of the debating society.

He was also an athlete of great promise, winning places in the 100 metre hurdles, high jumps and the marathons. 

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