July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue



Watching the panorama of event after event unfolding over Founders, and listening to the appreciative applause around me, I was struck by that queer irony of life where acclaim is reserved but for that brief moment of glory when the school is 'on show', while those long arduous hours of practice, where fantastic demands are made on the body and spirit, pass unhonoured and unsung. Surely the spirit of the school is at its noblest, its best , when hour after wearying hour is spent polishing and perfecting a performance without recognition, without reward.

And so I stand and applaud that indomitable spirit that strives towards perfection; I applaud those many hours of stress and strain to the point of exhaustion; I applaud those demands on patience and fortitude often beyond the endurance of even a grown-up; I applaud those many sacrifices, big or small, made in a spirit of selflessness for the good of the school; but above all, I reserve my longest applause for those who never bask in the admiration of the public eye, who never win recognition or acclaim, yet, knowing this, sweat and slog behind the scenes so that the show can go on. I applaud them loud and long for they truly symbolise the spirit that is Sherwood.

If you are wondering about this glamorous new model, we must let you know that the beautician is a benevolent fairy godfather, godfather, Mr. Mahesh Belwal, who, tired of the 'Cinderella' look of publications has taken presentation of this newsletter upon himself.

Generosity apart, thank you, Mr. Belwal, for this beautiful gesture.

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