July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue



4th April

Donations collected by Sr. Issar for wife of Bhana Ram who required hospitalization. Collection Rs. 800/-.

5th April Hindi play practice begins.
8th April Cricket match against Glider's Club. Glider's score 147 for 8 declared. Sherwood (132 for no loss) 147 for the loss of 3 wickets : Suman Kumar; M. Prashara, M.S. Sethi.
10th April Atoms match against St. Joseph's. St. Joseph's won 87-80.
11th April Morning P.T. practice.
12th April Chorgalia expedition; class IX with Mr. M. Kerr, Mr. S. Kerr and Mr. Niblett.
16th April Film: 'Billy Two Hats.'
Easter Monday picnic postponed due to weather.
19th April School Easter picnic;
Staff V/s Seniors volleyball. Staff won 15-13,
Staff V/s Seniors Rounders 4-4-draw;
Ladies V/s Senior cricket, Ladies won.
22nd April Cricket-Atoms V/s Welhams. Welham : 95 all out. Sherwood 92 : all out.
23rd April Outward-bound activity.
28th April Film show.

10th May IX and above went to town to see film : 'Enter the Dragon'.
12th May Informal English Elocution.
13th May Staff of Clara Swain Hospital, Bareilly. V/s. Sherwood Cricket, Visitors win:
Volleyball: Visitors win.
Badminton : Sherwood win.
Table Tennis : Sherwood win.
14th May 1st Club drill practice after tea.
21st May Russian Book Exhibition. Earth tremor at 4.30 a.m.
22nd May Film show on Russian Culture, games and sports.
24th May Film in school 'The French Connection'. Much appreciated.
26th May Classes XI and XII invited for the Sem sports : Quite a number of boys graced the occasion.
27th May Film in school 'Moritori'.
29th May Horsman Wing dress rehearsal.
31st May Dress Rehearsal of the senior school concert.

1st June First performance of the Horsman Wing Concert.
2nd June Senior School concert first performance for local schools.
3rd June Philatelic and Art exhibition inaugurated.
4th June P.T. display, gymnastics, club drill, torch drill.
5th June Speech day & senior school concerts.
6th June School Fete. Mid-term break.
7th June Seminar on 'Environmental Studies' conducted by Miss G. D'Souza from Bombay. Teachers from Delhi, Bareilly and local schools participated.
11th June Seminar concludes.
13th June Conference of Heads of Christian Schools in the Agra Diocese under the chairmanship of Bishop A.V. Jonathan.
15th June Conference concludes.
19th June Boys return from Mid-term break. Film 'Taffy and the Jungle Hunt'.
20th June School Reopens. Football: 4,9" selection and College XI selection after tea.
25th June Swimming season begins.
26th June Boxing practice starts.
29th June Football match - Sherwood XI V/s C.R.S.T. ended in a draw.
3rd July R.K. Jha (F.T. House Captain) left Sherwood to join IIT Benares.

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