July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue

Old Sherwoodians Write

'BATHOO' BATHWAL ("79) writes from Gorakhpur to say that he will be appearing for the Chartered Accountants Entrance Examination in Calcutta. He writes nostalgically of his stay in Sherwood, an experience which has taught him 'to value those things that are right and true and real'. We wish him success in examination.

REV. ROBERT CANEY writes again on his return to England to say that memories of his visit to India will stay 'as priceless treasures' all his life. In particular there are happy memories of Sherwood-of bed-tea, books, children's Christmas parties and of their dinners and carol service and walks in the school-grounds.

ASHISH SEN-SARMA ("78) now at University of Essex writes to say that while he finds the Maths. and Eco. pretty easy he cannot say the same about life on the campus-for one thing he has to cook his own meals. He hopes to visit Sherwood in August this year.

DILJIT SINGH (Class VI-78) who left Sherwood to join St. Edmund's, Shillong, when his father was transferred, writes along letter of gratitude to Mr. Kerrpunctuating every other sentence with millions of questions in between slabs of 'Sherwood sickness'. He is doing extremely well and remembers with warmth and gratitude each of his teachers. He adds 'Sir, I really feel like crying when I think of my small plump friend, H. S. Johar, especially when I remember how I used to tease him ('Papay') and when he used to sit on me and beat me'.

CAPTAIN DEEPAK DUTT (1962-1968) visited the school after a lapse of 12 years. This was a very special school trip for he had with him his brand-new wife to introduce to his old School and vice versa. She was led on a special sentimental journey down memory-lane-his bed, his locker, his desk, his special secret route to town for late-show movies. He was distressed to hear that relations with SEM were improving, while those with All Saints', were not, and sorrowfully commiserated with us when heard there were NO SOCIALS. He envied us our 'cubes', but regretted the 'black-mark' system had been abolished. "Black marks" were something to be dreaded. I wonder if your new report cards carry so much weight ? He was delighted to see that the "Sherwood Antique" Bandoo, the Barber, who gave him those wretched crew-cuts so many years ago, still exists to persecute poor unfortunates today. (Interviewed by A. Sinha)

CAPTAIN AVINASH SABHARWAL (L. J. 67) who is with the Army Medical Corps, at present posted in Chandigarh, also visited the school. Though he could not remember the C.C. of his year, he recalled very vividly those pleasant memories of adventures with the beautiful people across, the valley.

There was an impressive number of O. S. over Founder s. Baljinder Pal Singh (F.T. 1969) writes from Ludhiana wishing the school all the best over Founder's.

A heartwarming letter comes from BRAJESH K. GUPTA (1964-71) brother of S.K. Gupta (Class VII.) Brajesh would like to visit the school, which, he feels, despite many changes, maintains the espritde-corp of the past. Brajesh had an unfortunate accident in 1973 has left him an invalid for life the left hand being the only limb 'which functions with any semblance of normality'. Despite this almost total handicap, he has established himself as a writer of philosophy with his articles being accepted for publication abroad: "I am grateful to Sherwood in more ways than one" he says, "for it has instilled in me a sense of fortitude which I would otherwise have lacked. It has taught me not to accept my condition passively but to value my life as purposeful."

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