July 1979 The Sherwoodian Times 12th Issue

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Founder's 1979 The Memorial Service.

The Founder's Service on the 4th of June followed the usual familiar pattern we are so used to. We began with the processional hymn 'O Valiant Hearts', followed by the invocation and prayers, and the laying of the wreath at the War Memorial by the College Captain and an old boy, Naresh Seth, who was College Captain in his time.

The singing was led by the choir under the direction of Mr. Christopher Paul, choir-master and organist. The painstaking practice the choir had undergone was evident, especially in the rendering of the anthem 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills', a five-part setting of Psalm 121 by Dr. J. Clarke Whitfeld, ably conducted by Sanjay Saxena. The bass solo 'The Lord Himself is thy keeper' was sung by Suman Kumar. The other choir items were the 'Magnificat', the 'Nunc Dimittis', and the old favourite 'Abide with me' which was sung with great reverence and feeling.

The Rev. P.C. Addy, Chaplain, addressed us on the theme of schooldays being the preparation for life out in the arena of the world; of religion being the only sure foundation, fixed standard, and polestar in this preparation, and on the importance of the verities of which the source and fountain is God. "Know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

We offer our deepest sympathy to Lalit Bakshi on the tragic death of his father, Mr. C. Paul on the death of his mother, and Mr. A.B.L. Agnihotri, who is on our Governing Body, on the death of his wife and mother-in-law.

Excerpts from the Principal's Address on Founder's Day-5th June, 1979.
Privileged Education:

"The critics of our schools too often forget that to educate the privileged, to be aware of their responsibility towards the under-privileged, to have compassion and concern for the under-privileged, is in itself in a significant contribution to the quality of life in a country where the inhumanity of the privileged towards the under-privileged is almost a way life....."

"The government take-over of such schools can hardly improve the standard of education in the country as a whole, which should be the prime concern of the country's leadership......

"Good education cannot be cheap......No country can hope to improve the quality of education if it does not have the will to invest in education."

Examination and the Curriculum:

"Instead of educational objectives determining the nature of examination, our curriculum and teaching are in danger of becoming examination-oriented.
I am convinced that good examination results are possible without doing little else in the college apart from preparing boys for an examination. The academic standards in a school are determined by the intellectual calibre of the boys obtaining admission, and on the professional competence and personal qualities of the staff."

Educational Emphasis at Sherwood.

"We place a higher premium on the integrity of the individual than on his attainment .........
There is no dearth of able people in our society, but the more one looks around the more one is amazed at the moral barrenness that surrounds us.... It is individual who our concern, not just the development of his talents."

"Discipline dose not lie in taming the youth, but in helping him to grow.....It is much easier to suppress the youth through fear, than to help him to grow through love. It is our concern to reach out to the individual and help him to be a better human being, not flog him into conforming through fear".

This College was founded by those who had an unshakeable belief in the life of man being enriched by making God the nucleus of all human endeavour...... No other force can bring about that revolution within men which is vital for the very survival of the human race ..... no other force can quicken in the impulse of generous self-surrender."

Horsman Wing Concert-June 3rd The Junior School English Play


No !those days are gone away,
And their hours are old and grey,
And their minutes buried all
Under the down-trodden pall
Of the leaves of many years.
No, the bugle sounds no more,
And the twanging bow no more;
There is no mid-forest laugh
where lone Echo gives the half
To some wight, amazed to hear.
Jesting, deep in forest drear.
So it is; yet let us sing,
Honour to the old bow-string !
Honour to bold Robin Hood
Honour to Maid Marian-
And to all the Sherwood clan!
John Keats

But what are these in Lincoln green giving the lie to John Keats ? They are little folk reviving yet again the legends of Bold Robin Hood but in another Sherwood forest. Here again we see the scheming Sheriff (A. Gupta) tempting Robin Hood (Rishi Hara) to participate in an archery contest in Nottingham with the object of capturing him, but wily Robin, who gets wind of this little plan, abandons his Lincoln green, participates in the competition, wins the coveted prize
of a silver arrow right from under the very nose of the Sheriff and sends an impudent note of thanks to add to the Sheriff's discomfiture !

Anuj Gupta made an effective Sheriff and captured all that gentleman's scheming nature. Robin Hood was dashing and daring and his supporting cast of John of Lancaster (Pankaj Chandiok), the Captain (M.S. Bisht), the dashing out-laws and the pretty maypole dancers all added to a charming little play with some very pretty singing.

The costumes deserve special mention. Credit for this, as also the songs 'Melody in F' and 'Bless this House' which introduced the evening's programme, go to Mrs. King and her pianist Mrs. Mehta (Miss P. Asrani)


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