May 2002 The Sherwoodian Times 96th Issue


On March 15th, 2002, the Sherwood Community was stunned and grieved at the sudden passing away of 'PCK' who had served the college for 25 years, first as Estate Manager and then as Mess Manager.

'Chand', as he was known to me, was not only a loyal and faithful colleague, but a friend whom I could trust implicitly in any given circumstances. He was one of those of a fast-diminishing breed of men who put duty before self, and the honour and reputation of the college above all else. He never flinched from standing up for what he felt was right in the larger interest of the community. Men of his integrity, commitment to duty and the ideal of service are an asset to any organization.

In Chand's passing on, I felt a deep sense of personal loss and grief that has been difficult to come to terms with these past two months. 'Chand' was a very private man. He kept very much to himself, and we met socially very rarely, but I knew he was always there for Sherwood and that is what friendship is really about - trust. He lived up to it till the very end.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant", would be a befitting epitaph for the man and his service to Sherwood.

D.R.A. Mountford

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