May 2002 The Sherwoodian Times 96th Issue




ICSE and ISC students return to write their Board exams.

1st School reopens after the 3-month winter vacation.
ICSE/ISC Board examinations begin.
Prefectorial appointments announced.
4th,9th Book Club meeting
10th Hindi Literary Society Meeting.
12th Mess Committee Meeting.
15th Mr. P.C. Khanna, Mess Manager for twenty-four years, passes away following a massive heart- attack.
16th No classes. Memorial Service for Mr. Khanna.
Alexander Souri (O.S.) spoke to the students in chapel before supper.
17th An informal musical evening organised in conjunction with Alexander Souri and his friends.
History Society Meeting.
19th Canteen Committee meeting.
20th Computer Society meeting.
Most of the I.C.S.E. students left after their last exam.
23rd ISC exams conclude.
25th Computer Society Meetings.
26th English Debating Society
29th Holiday : Good Friday, Holi.
30th Art Society Meeting.
Film :'We were Soldiers'.
31th Easter Sunday;
Junior Debating Society meeting.

1st Easter Monday picnic cancelled due to inclement weather.
Class XI report back after a brief holiday.
6th Book Club, Hindi Literary Society, Economics Society meeting.
Links members roll up their sleeves and sort out the magazines in the cubby-hole under the stairs.
7th Links Society inaugural meeting.
8th Marathons begin. English Literary Society meeting.
12th Hindi Elocution C Division.
13th Baisakhi: Sikh students go to the Gurudwara.
14th Cricket - School vs. Mini Mount Club. School wins by 2 wickets.
15th College Annual Picnic at 'Tiffin Top'.
18th Library Committee meeting after lunch.
21st Cricket: College vs. Cricketers' Youngsters XI. School won by two wickets
22nd Computer Society meeting
24th First Unit Tests conclude.
Class XII and ex-Semian students attend St. Joseph's fete
25th Holiday - Mahavira Jayanti
27th Geography and Science Society meetings
28th Cricket : College vs. Sheela Mount (Juniors). Visitors beat the school by 97 runs.
Hindi Elocution - 'D' Division.
30th Naturalists' Society visits the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Research at Ratighat.
1st Links and Senior Science Society meetings.
2nd Sherwood Run qualifications
Running scores -
       L.J.  - 51
       R.H. - 48
       A.D. - 45
       F.T. - 44
3rd Hindi Elocution - 'A' Division
4th Sherwood Run finals
Final position -
       A.D. - 115
       F.T. - 110
       L.J.  - 97
       R.H. - 92
5th Cricket : College vs. O.S. Delhi Team School won by 71 runs.
First Unit Tests begin.

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