May 2002 The Sherwoodian Times 96th Issue

Sherwood - 85 years ago


When the boys of Old Sherwood get wind of the G.H. dance, excitement reigns supreme. Weeks before the time appointed, the preparation commences, especially in such matters as purchasing "purple socks with yellow clocks, and rainbow-coloured handkerchiefs." Shoes are polished until the smiling face of the owner is clearly visible in them, wrapped up carefully, and put away to be ready for many another clean-up before the much looked-for event takes place.

At last comes the actual event. Everybody is ready a couple of hours before time, and not a speck is discernible anywhere on the clothing of the happy party. When the moment for moving off arrives, the excitement is at its highest, and dancers are almost unable to tell whether they are standing on their heads or on their feet. Taking as much care of their trousers creases and their shining footwear as of their immaculate neckwear and meticulously exact hair-partings, they would much prefer to be wafted gently across the intervening valley, but that cannot be, and on the way it is really very amusing to see them dodging every speck of dust that comes in their path. On their arrival at their destinations, one and all impatiently await the coming of the less excited girls, and then, in less than five minutes, all dances are booked and everything is settled.

There are five different schools which attend this dance, namely, All Saints', The Convent, Petersfield, St. Joseph's and Sherwood. One thing worth mentioning is the clannish disposition of the schools. A Sherwood fellow dancing with a Convent girl would create quite a sensation, the reason for this being that the All Saints' girls feel mightily indignant if they are not very diligently attended to by their brothers and cousins in this school.

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