Dear Old Sherwoodians,


I am writing to urge all Old Sherwoodians to respond generously to this Appeal to raise funds that are urgently needed not only to augment the heavy expenditure that has already been incurred on giving the college a Millennium Face-lift, but also to enable the college to complete the development/renovation projects that are planned for this winter (December 2000 - March 2001). (Please refer to the list of projects in the Annexure).


With the sharp increase in the cost of construction works and the cost of living and the inevitable fall-out on Establishment costs, we can no longer meet the our development projects or essential major renovation works solely from our Annual Revenue.


Those of you who have been to Sherwood in recent years, must have seen for yourselves that much has been done to give the college a 'Face-lift' and to expand and improve facilities in the college in most spheres.


However, much more needs to be done to provide the Infra-structural backing needed to meet the challenge of providing an education that is relevant to the rapidly changing times. There is also an urgent need to improve the existing facilities in certain important areas - dormitories, classrooms, etc.


As part of our endeavour to raise funds, we are bringing out a brochure to mark the occasion of "The Millennium Alumni Reunion" beginning on 12th October, 2000 and ending with the annual "College Fete" on 15th October, 2000 to which all parents are cordially invited. (The rates for the advertisements are attached herewith).


I would also like to take this opportunity to request O.S. in various cities to consider my proposal to get together and contribute collectively towards any one of the projects that have either been completed already, or towards those projects that have been kept in abeyance owing to shortage of funds.


Those who would prefer to contribute directly are most welcome to do so.


Therefore, to all Old Sherwoodians I want to say this: Won't you come forward and make a gesture of 'caring' for the growth of your Alma Mater in return for the 'nuturing' you received in your youth? 

Now is the time for you to give concrete expression to that 'certain feeling' you must cherish for your 'home' for much of your youth. I know no better way to 'bond' than by giving unconditionally from the heart. That is what Sherwood has taught me over the years I have been privileged to serve it, and I commend it to you in the faith that you share my vision for the future of Sherwood - a school second to none, going boldly forward nurtured by those who, despite the passage of time, have not lost their sense of 'belonging'; who still care sufficiently for Sherwood to want to give back to it.

Contributions may please be sent directly to the Principal by Bank Draft in favour of "Sherwood College Millennium Appeal Fund - 2000".

Contributions received from various 'Chapters' should also be sent as above, giving details of contributions made by individuals so that individual receipts could be sent to those who have contributed to the "Sherwood College Millennium Appeal Fund -2000".

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

D.R.A. Mountford


(Projects completed as part of the Millennium Face-lift-2000)


Cement tiling of the 'back quad' (Senior School).


Construction of new staircase leading to the Physics laboratory and connecting the first floor of the Science Block by a covered passage with the classrooms in 
'Binns Block'.


Purchase of a new 50 KVA Generator set for the Senior School complex and the Resource Centre.
(Old generator is being connected to meet the needs of 
Horsman Wing and Milman Hall).


Cementing the pathway leading down to Horsman Wing and providing a railing at the 'khud side' end to provide greater safety to users (children and parents).


Cement tiling of the 'quad in front of the Girls' Hostel and construction of a boundary wall to provide for greater privacy/security for the girls.


Extending and renovating the College kitchen; purchase of 4 sets of Bain Maries for the college mess (to ensure that the food is served hot to the students; installation of a gas oven (to replace the old wood - fired oven) and a dough-kneading machine and salamander.


Up-dating the sound and lighting system in Milman Hall and replacing the very old tin chairs with plastic moulded chairs.


(Projects to be taken up - Dec. 2000 - March 2001)


Extending and renovating the Junior School 'day toilets' (long overdue).


Providing a small recreation room for the Junior school students (Horsman Wing).


Providing a separate 'Resource Centre' for the exclusive use of the Junior school students and staff.


Initiating a gradual phasing out of wooden beds (with niwars), and replacing them by standard size iron beds using hardboards and foam mattresses (to replace the existing cotton mattresses).


Apart from the above, the following major projects need to be 
taken in hand, sooner than later :


Re-roofing of many buildings as the present sheets have outlived their utility and most buildings are presenting a perennial problem of leakage.


The front of Horsman Wing needs to be given a major face-lift - as was done in Dixon Wing several years ago. This will also result in providing more space in the dormitories and the classrooms (both of which are over - crowded) and will make them more airy and bright.

(Both these major projects will entail heavy Capital expenditure). - Home Page - Main Page - Home Page - Main Page - Home Page
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