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OS LINKS - Creating Presence Worldwide

Opportunity for Old Sherwoodians and All Cites to showcase their products/services/businesses. Click here to create your business web page (for businesses) or professional web page (for individuals). It is free for 1 year for those who paid for 5 year membership before the 31st of October 2007. This free offer to the members is valid till 31st of December 2007.

Why create here?
1) OldSherwoodians.com is an established site and figures well in all the major search engine results
2) Advantage of huge number of visitors to the site. Average successful requests per day: 25,000.
More non OS visit the site than OS.
3) All the business web pages would be Search Engine Optimized
4) All business web pages would be submitted to search engines, which can lead to more business.
(so far all the websites we have optimized and submitted to search engines figure in top 10. Click here to check out yourself.)
5) The charges of business web page and search engine optimization/submission are peanuts.
6) Networking with other OS and All Cites.
7) Provides global web presence to those who don't have a website and have a limited budget.
8) Those who already have a website can get extra traffic.
9) Reaching new markets.
10) Multi-lingual translation*
(*this is not a part of the package. It is still in beta stage)