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Ref. No. SC/0/1 October 21st. 2000

Dear Old Sherwoodians,

Much as I would have liked to be with you all on this very special occasion, I must apologize for my absence. I hope you will understand that I want to be at Sherwood -- my home for over 27 years -- where I've celebrated Diwali with my extended family -- my colleagues on the staff and the students of Sherwood. We also have our 'Sports Day' on the 25th October, 2000.

I am sending this message primarily to those of you who were unable to attend the grand and stirring Reunion at Sherwood recently -- the best I've known in all my long tenure at Sherwood. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the members of the organizing committee who worked tirelessly for several months and achieved what I've not been able to do all these years -- bringing together generations of Old Sherwoodians to renew their bonds with their Alma Mater, and generating a pride in their being second to none. It is a great leap forward in the New Millennium. 

And while talking of a new era, it would be befitting that I acknowledge my appreciation of someone who symbolizes the coming into being of a new generation of old Sherwoodians -- young Vipin Belwal, who has done so much unknown to so many, to make the Millennium Reunion an experience of a life-time. Maybe his marrying, Savita, a Sherwood girl, has something to do with his magnificent obsession -- his labour of love -- to make the millennium Reunion so memorable for of as, but whatever it is that led him to make the act of commitment to making it a grand success, deserves to be acknowledged. 

As you gather together you must be feeling the intensity of the bond that unites you -- a bond that transcends barriers of race and religion, of distance and time, but I want to share with you what Sherwood has taught me: love is not a feeling, it is an act of giving, an act of caring, an act of living for something bigger than ourselves. For me it has meant Sherwood. I recommend it to you for unless you can see, individually and collectively, that your 'feelings' for Sherwood must find expression in the act of commitment to the nurturing Sherwood, the future of Sherwood stands in jeopardy. 

There is no greater challenge before you than working together for the future of Sherwood. It cannot be left to chance. It must not be left to chance. My time for moving on is nearing. But Sherwood must go forward. Sherwood must be nurtured by you. I want so much to leave Sherwood to your loving concern. But you must be seen to be concerned about Sherwood. These Reunions must lead to acts of commitment, if they are to serve any useful purpose. I believe you want to give, but you don't quite know how to do so. Give from the heart. It will lead you to give unconditionally. That's what Sherwood has taught me and I pass it on to you. I claim the right to do so, as I am an Old Sherwoodian in the making. That's how I see myself. I hope you will accept me as one of your Fraternity. 

I foresee hard and difficult times ahead. What you do or fail to do will determine the destiny of Sherwood. So, help me to help you -- the Alumni of Sherwood -- to show you how to take Sherwood forward. Start now by responding to my call to organize yourself into a body that does not lack credibility; that is seen to be a body working for Sherwood and Sherwood alone, not for what you can individually gain for yourself. 

I've taken the initiative to set up a committee to draft the Rules and Regulations that will govern the working of the Old Sherwoodian Society. At Founder's next year (2001), there will be a general body meeting when elections will be held to appoint office bearers for a specified tenure. I hope this will put into motion the creation of a duly elected and more truly representative body, having as its main objective the aim of helping Sherwood to go forward. I urge you to give your support to the initiative I've taken to organize the Sherwood Alumni into a body with a sense of mission: the growth of Sherwood. 

I also urge you to respond to my Appeal to raise funds that are urgently needed to complete projects that have been kept in abeyance owing to shortage of funds. Some of you have already responded and I thank you for your act of giving. But I would like to put to you that at the start of the New Millennium it will be a befitting gesture if every Old Sherwoodian associates himself or herself with the projects that need to be undertaken. Over 1500 students have passed out of Sherwood during my tenure. At least another 1000 must have passed out between 1950 and 1973. If even 1500 of the 2500 respond to my Appeal by giving Rs. 1500/- each, the college will get approximately Rs. 22,00,000 lacs: But more than the funds that you will generate, your personal involvement with the needs of Sherwood will, I believe, strengthen your bonding with your Alma Mater. And that will generate a greater sense of 'belonging' -- of still being a part of Sherwood. 

I can see no better way of strengthening your bonds with Sherwood. I believe that at Sherwood you had ample opportunity to discover the truth that "the love we give away is the only love we keep". Make the act of faith involved by giving :give from the heart. 

And so I conclude: onward Sherwood in the New Millennium nurtured by the loving concern of its Alumni. 

With best wishes, 

Yours sincerely,

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