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Olympic Torch Run by an Old Sherwoodian.
Reunion 2000 Update.
All Saints Alumni & Message Board.

Olympic Torch Run

Ray Whiteside, an Old Sherwoodian and a former Olympian of Australia, will run a stretch with the Olympic Torch on the 13th. of September 2000 (i.e. on the 98th. day of the 100 day run) at 8.20 am at a spot known as Doonside which is a suburb west of Sydney about 15 miles out of town. 

Reunion 2000 Update

There's a lunch being organized by Mrs. Mildred Mani (the current Principal of All 'C') exclusively for the All 'C' alumni on Thursday Oct 12th, 2000 beginning 10:30 a.m.

On the 13th (Friday), the events have been rescheduled as follows - Choir Rendition, English Play, Mass PT, Fire Drill and Torch Light 'Tattoo' followed by Supper (9pm).

The dress code for the Sherwood and Manu Maharani events is formal and School Blazers, Ties etc. should be worn if possible.

All Saints Alumni & Message Board

On requests from All 'C' ites an Alumni section for them has been inducted in the Sherwood website. All 'C' ites can post their data/profile till such time they have their own website. 

In the Message/Bulletin Board a separate forum has been created where the All 'C' ites can leave their messages.

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