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A Missing Child is a parent’s worst nightmare. Each year, hundreds of children are reported missing or kidnapped. Each one of us has wondered what our lives would be like if our children were missing. We wonder how the parents of the missing child survive, how they face another day without knowing if their child is alive and well. And we wonder who will help them through this crisis – a crisis that for many will last for years. It is a crisis that is often endured alone. It is a crisis that destroys marriages and creates psychological problems for the remaining children in the family. It is a crisis that is thought to be the problem of the “other person”. Not everyone can afford to pay for the search for their missing/lost loved ones. It is an extremely emotional time in their lives, a time when they themselves are very vulnerable. Some spend all their life savings searching for the lost ones. Many have to give up at some point, mostly because of the high costs involved. People think nothing is going to happen to their child. So did the parents of the missing children think?

Since its inception in 2000, National Centre For Missing Children (NCMC) a national level, non-religious, non-political, non-profit making, non-governmental organization, has focused on preserving our most precious resources - our children and has been providing FREE SERVICES to the parents/guardians of the missing children and to the Law enforcement agencies. We alone cannot find the missing children. It is impossible for any one person, organization or government to search for the missing children on his or her own. All of us have to join together and help in the search for missing children. We need your help in finding these children, to put smiles back on their faces. Let us make a beginning and let us convey to the families of he missing children that never again this crisis will be endured alone. We care and it’s our united efforts that will make the difference. Each of us can do our own little bit to help in bringing the missing children home. Our aim is to disseminate as many pictures of the children missing as possible. More are the pictures of the Missing Kids distributed, more is the probability of finding them. Community involvement is vital for the ultimate success in finding the missing children.

Organization: National Centre For Missing Children
Contact Person: Anuj Bhargava
Designation: Trustee
Address: 502 Chetak Centre,
  12/2 RNT Marg
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Postal Code: 452001
Country: India
Phone: +91.731.2519279
Fax: -
Website: www.missingindiankids.com